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August is For the Kids: Children’s Eye Health Awareness Month

By editor
August 14, 2017

  August is a time commonly associated with the last leg of summer vacation, but August is also a crucial time to remember your eye health­, and specifically your children’s eye health. August is officially known as “Children’s Eye Health & Safety Month”, so this month it’s all about the kids! Why August? This month...  read more

The Phenomenon of Eye Color

By editor
July 19, 2017

Until The American Journal of Human Genetics determined otherwise in a 2007 study, it was commonly believed that eye color was a simple trait that was passed on by one gene from each parent. Ten years ago, this ‘fact’ was disproved and the new fact stands that eye color can be determined by up to...  read more

Horizon Eye Care’s eldest employee retires at age 90 !!

By editor
December 12, 2016

December 12th, 2016, Margate, NJ- With mixed emotions, Horizon Eye Care announces the retirement of Leila Giannini, aged 90! After 20 years of devoted service, our most senior employee is leaving and will be dearly missed. Leila began working at age 14. After working for over 75 years, she has decided to move on to...  read more


By editor
August 22, 2016

By the age of 80, over half of all Americans suffer from a cataract or have undergone cataract surgery. It is important to note that cataracts do not just affect seniors. In 2016, approximately one in four cataract surgery will be completed on those under the age of 65. Because of this, it is important...  read more


By editor
July 25, 2016

In support of UV (Ultraviolet) Protection Month in July, and how this particular awareness falls smack in the middle of the summer season, it is extremely important to go over the details of why it is so important to protect your eyes and offer solutions to protecting them from future implications. First and for most,...  read more

Our July Selfie Giveaway Promotion With Prizes!

By editor
July 11, 2016

  As a way to engage more with our patients through social media, we decided to enact a one-month long promotional giveaway called the “July Selfie Giveaway.” This contest involves taking a selfie of oneself wearing a pair of glasses or sunglasses, preferably a frame purchased from any one of our Optical shops although it...  read more

Where Are Contact Lenses Headed?

By editor
June 29, 2016

Contact lenses have been around for decades now and many choose to ditch the lenses and undergo LASIK. However, there are those who do not want to go the extra mile to receive this procedure for a plethora of reasons. That being said, contacts are still very prominent, especially in the Gen X and Gen...  read more


By editor
June 20, 2016

In light of our patients, we decided it would be a great opportunity to show current and future patients who would like to correct their vision through operative procedures the success of our surgeries including LASIK, cataract, and others.  We believe that by providing fellow patients with short video testimonials of those who had undergone these procedures, it...  read more


By editor
June 17, 2016

Many question the differences between polarized vs. non-polarized lenses.  Typical questions includeIs there only a difference in the glare? or Are the polarized lenses darker in color? Put simply, there are many distinctions between the two. To understand more about what polarized lenses are, the contrasts between polarized and standard lenses, and the advantages and disadvantages of...  read more

Patient Portal

By editor
October 23, 2014

Horizon Eye Care is now introducing the new Patient Portal. Our new and secure method of communicating with our office. Patients can now request medications refills, ask questions, request appointments or ask for contact lens orders! Just go to and enroll using your email address or call our office for more information!  609-822-4242