October is Halloween Eye Safety Awareness Month: What You Need To Know

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October 10, 2017

With Halloween quickly approaching, children and adults alike are planning out their costumes for trick or treat and Halloween parties this year. It is easy to get caught up in the fun and forget all about your eye health and eye safety for the month of October. For those of you looking to make a statement this year with your scariest costume, and are considering costume contact lenses, make sure you know the safety procedures involved in obtaining these lenses! This makes October officially “Halloween Eye Safety Awareness Month”!
Scary contact lenses are a cool way to freak some people out this Halloween, but what many people forget about is the level of care we should be taking when anything is in and around our eyes. The eyes are a sensitive area, susceptible to bacterial infections, and if not properly cared for, these scary lenses can be scarier than you think.
So how do we prevent any real disasters this Halloween? It’s simple, just as you would get contact lenses from a specialized eye practice to enhance your sight, these lenses should be purchased from a professional and trustworthy source. It is crucial to your eye health that these lenses are handled and sterilized properly or you could get a serious infection. Just as any other lenses, you need a prescription from a licensed optometrist in order to obtain the right ones.
Play it safe this Halloween and be careful about where you obtain your costume parts, or this Halloween could easily turn into more of a horror story than you bargained for.

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